A Holistic Coach Shares 7 Words of Wisdom to Live Your Best Life

Photograph Courtesy of Laura Romero

Photograph Courtesy of Laura Romero

Laura Romero is a woman with many titles, she’s the creator of the social media sensation Qué Buena Salud, a holistic nutrition coach, a Moon Mother, and a Reiki Master, but best of all, she’s pure light.

Speaking to Laura is an experience of happiness in itself. Her calming voice and beautiful spirit are enough to assure anyone that peace and joy are a way of life. Our conversation was a gift, and the timing was perfect too. If you’re looking for end-of-the-year inspiration and guidance, these seven words of wisdom are for you.

1. Release the Expectation of Happiness

“I have to begin by saying that I’m not a huge fan of the word ‘happiness,’ it’s a very charged idea, and I think we feel a lot of pressure to achieve it, so I’d replace that word with ideas of peace and joy.”

“The question 'am I happy?' creates a lot of anxiety, while responding the question 'am I at peace?' is much more achievable. Joy is also something tangible that we can experience on a daily basis in simple ways. To connect with the energy of joy, we can intentionally choose activities that make us feel good, like dancing or listening to music.”

2. Lower The Volume of Your Ego

“The common denominator I see in the women I work with are major insecurities, in many areas of their lives: with their partners, at work, with their bodies, of what they’re capable of doing. Fear, or insecurities -which I see as the same- is the big theme.

“I accompany women who want to reconnect with their magic and lower the volume of their egos. Your ego will always be there, it’s part of the human experience, but the work is to connect with our hearts and remember that you deserve things like a great love, a wonderful job, and to fulfill your purpose.”

3. Let Go of The Belief that Love Equals Suffering

Photograph Courtesy of Laura Romero

Photograph Courtesy of Laura Romero

“There are many obstacles women confront when searching for peace and joy, but one of these is constantly relating love to suffering. Many women think that to be in a relationship, fights, jealousy, and control are necessary. We have a complicated relationship with freedom and unconditional love. It’s probably something we saw in our grandmothers, mothers, or aunts, so it’s a pattern we keep repeating, and we have to let it go.”

4. Forget About Hate

When touching on the subject of feminism, Laura reflected on the importance of always acting from compassion and love, no matter the cause you’re defending. “Every time I act or speak from a place of judgment, I lose energy and the capacity to expand my conscience. I’m not saying we shouldn’t try to change what’s wrong, or that we shouldn’t care about injustice, because we certainly should, but this is better done from a place of love and compassion than from one of hate”.

5. Embrace Your Cyclical Nature

“We live in a masculine society where nothing is cyclical -everything is linear. People work from 9 to 5, there’s little to no space for creativity, and women forget about their power to create. This power is so strong that we can create human life, so we need to reconnect with our natural cycles, sensations, and capacities”.

6. Check In With Yourself

For Laura there’s a series of questions women can resort to come back to ourselves and reconnect with our needs. “The first questions is, am I exhausted? Number two, am I getting my period on time? A lot of women don’t get their period because of stress. They normalize this, but it’s not normal, your period is a sign of health and vitality, so it’s something you should pay attention to. Finally, you should ask what you need in order to relax and recharge? It might be travel or connection with nature. Whatever it is, allow yourself to have that”.

7. Remember, Things Take Time

“Everyone is looking for a quick fix, they want something that will solve all of their problems right away, and the first thing I say is that this is a process and as such, it will take time. In an era where immediacy is the rule, we need to reconcile with that idea, we need to stop, disconnect, and check in with ourselves”.

Thank you for this Lau! You’re a gift of the universe.