Mindful Feminism is a source of inspiration for women who want to feel centered & connected to their inner power.

We fulfill our purpose by carefully crafting community gatherings, and amplifying the voices of diverse, brilliant women through our online magazine.

our beliefs

Mindful Feminism was born out of the strong conviction that no woman should ever have to choose between liberation, happiness, or well-being. We believe all women are worthy of every single one of those things, and we exist to help them remember that.

We’re putting self-love at the center of the search for liberation because we believe the feminist movement cannot thrive if each one of its members is not fulfilled.

about the founder

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salomé gómez-upegui

Salomé was born in Medellín, Colombia, and currently lives in Seattle, WA. She’s an alumna of Universidad de Los Andes & Harvard Law School. In addition to her role at Mindful Feminism, Salomé is a Women’s Leadership Consultant. Connect with her here.